Technical & Regulatory Guidance to Commercial Strip-Mall Owner with Potential Soil and Groundwater Contamination from Former Dry-Cleaning Tenant

Project: Tetrachloroethene (‘PERC’) was used by a past dry-cleaning tenant at a commercial strip-mall in suburban Calgary and released to the environment, causing localized soil and groundwater impacts. Third-party assessment work had been conducted, but remediation was not complete. The client had inherited the property and wanted to understand the environmental conditions from the release, their obligations, and any potential risks to neighbours and tenants.

Services: Reviewed third-party technical documents and historical correspondences. Explained to the client the contaminant situation, involvement of past stakeholders, potential source areas, migration pathways, and past efforts in assessment and remediation. Identified new potential rationale for contaminant migration pattern. Guided client through Alberta regulations, explained their obligations and potential risks to receptors (human and environmental), and recommended next steps that would fit within their budget.