Dredged Marine-Sediment Quality Assessment for Use as Fill in a Residential Development

Project: Marine sediments had been dredged from a recreational marina on east Vancouver Island and stockpiled on land for 10 years. The marina wished to remove the stockpile to free the land for other uses. A developer had interest in the stockpiled sediments for use as fill in a residential development. The marina wished to have the sediment quality assessed to determine if it met the provincial standards for residential land use.

Services: Study of third-party environmental assessment reports from the time the sediments were dredged in the context of the updated BC Contaminated Sites Regulation. Interview with marina manager and site visit for visual inspection and collection of sediment samples for laboratory analysis. Preparation of a concise report to document the analysis and interpretation of laboratory results and provide an opinion regarding compliance of sediment for use as fill for low-density residential development.