Jane is the owner and founder of Spoke Environmental. Since 2004 she has worked as an environmental consultant to predict, assess, delineate, and mitigate contamination in the subsurface resulting from human activities.

She noted that the worst and costliest contamination was often associated with older industrial operations, which were in business decades before environmental laws were introduced. Environmental regulations and better awareness have reduced the negative impacts that industries have on the environment, and correspondingly the costs for mitigation. Jane’s vision for Spoke is to further reduce negative impacts to land and water by working with companies to prevent those impacts before they occur. Where impacts have occurred, Spoke guides its clients through the regulatory process of assessment and planning for mitigation. As a small business owner herself, Jane understands the personal and financial risks entrepreneurs take. Environmental risks don’t need to be one of them.

Jane Yetter
Field Work

Jane’s background in environmental engineering has given her a strong base in practical problem solving.

She combines that with graduate studies in hydrogeology and wetland science, and years of professional experience in assessing human impacts to soil and groundwater. She is a professional engineer registered in both Alberta and British Columbia.