Groundwater is a valuable, hidden resource present in the voids and cracks of sediments and rocks. We focus on protecting groundwater quality and help our clients manage sustainable use of this resource.


  • Reviewing published and publicly available information on hydrogeology to understand the local and regional groundwater resources and how they might be affected by specific human activities.
  • Monitoring groundwater to identify contamination or aquifer drawdown, so plans can be made for mitigation or resource management.
  • Groundwater monitoring plans: network design, well design, installation, data collection, and interpretation.
  • Assessment of groundwater interactions with surface water and wetlands.
  • Technical support to watershed planners, water policy makers, water resource engineers, community groups, land use planners, developers, and government about what groundwater is, where it is found, how it connects with wetlands, rivers, lakes & oceans, and how human activity affects groundwater resources.
  • Groundwater license applications and domestic use registrations